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Deglet Nour 1.2mm Date Paste - The Queen of Dates has arrived


Date Paste is Date Paste right? Not when it comes to quality, taste and YOUR brand. That’s when things start getting serious and its key you do your research.

In an ever more competitive market, dates are being used in many healthy food products. However, in a race to reduce prices lower date quality has been all too common, a sacrifice brands have made and quite often without them even knowing as manufacturing is not controlled by the brand.

It’s been proven Dates are one of the best natural sweeteners to use in recipes as a healthy substitute for sugar due to their nutrients, vitamins and antioxidant benefits, so choosing the best quality with the finest taste that won’t break the bank sounds like the perfect option, doesn’t it?

You may have heard of the Date variety Deglet Nour AKA the Queen of Dates, it’s up there as the most premium retail date with the best flavour on the market!

Until recently Deglet Nour in a Date Paste format was only available in a 3mm mincing profile leaving a fibre and structure in the paste. While this structure works for many brands, we have now taken this paste to a new level. For the last 5 years we’ve been working on a solution to filter the paste down to 1mm without it losing its binding structure or taste profile.

Drum roll please... we have FINALLY done it and it is a world 1st.

You are probably thinking HOW will this benefit my brand and WHY change Date Pastes? Well, I was just about to get onto that part.

  • Guaranteed stay soft texture - great for binding ingredients that’s organoleptically and physically stable
  • Melt in the mouth texture – now with a 1mm filter, this paste literarily melts in your mouth as it is ultra-smooth
  • Exceedingly good taste with a sweet caramel tone from the start to end note - unlike industrial dates that can leave a slight bitter after taste
  • Premium product originating in Tunisia – most date paste is produced from industrial dates from the Middle East all with similar tastes which are easily identified. Deglet Nour is a retail date so will set your brand apart with just taste alone


Isn’t it time you set your brand apart from the rest by using our new 1mm Deglet Nour date paste?

Samples are limited so get in touch today to secure yours.

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USDA Organic
Soil Association
BRC Food Certificated
Halal Trust
ISO 22000:2005