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Date Puree - How It Is Processed And What It Is Used For [ES]

date puree

Date puree is similar to date paste in consistency. Both are processed using various sizes of mincer to provide a smoother consistency than either pitted and whole dates or chopped dates. In food processing, pureed dates and date paste can be used as a filling in their own right or as a binding agent. Of course, date paste or puree also brings all the usual benefits of dates to recipes, introducing natural sweetness, as well as increased fibre content and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Here, we look in more detail at how both the home baker and the larger scale manufacturer can use them in their baked goods.

Why Dates, When Pureed, Are Suitable As A Binding Agent

A binding agent is a substance in baking that will hold other ingredients together to form a cohesive whole. Eggs and flour have historically been included in baked products as binding agents. However, these two ingredients are increasingly eschewed by consumers who are pursuing gluten-free or vegan diets, either because of allergies and intolerances or through personal choice. Xanthan or guar gums are often used as substitutes, but these are heavily processed during production and, therefore, less appealing as an ingredient to people on specialist diets. If you’re looking for a suitable substitute for eggs and/or flour for baking at home, then date puree or paste as a more natural and less processed binding agent, could be perfect. Organic date puree or paste from the right supplier will be GMO and preservative-free too and is a 100% natural product. It’s great for bars, balls and pucks, and bakery sweeteners and fillings too. It can even be used in drinks and ice cream.

How Manufacturers Benefit From Buying Date Puree Wholesale

In the main, manufacturers are increasingly under pressure from consumers, regulators, and the public, in general, to reduce the amount of added sugar in their foods. So-called ‘added sugars’, also known as free sugars, include any type of sugar that is deliberately added to foods and drinks during the manufacturing process. It even includes sugars released into manufactured foods and drinks as a result of puréeing or juicing. However, sugars that occur naturally in ingredients such as milk, nuts, grains, cereals and fresh or dried fruits are not classed as ‘added’ sugars. So date paste is not considered an added sugar and is entirely natural (as nothing else is added to it during processing). And even using date puree wholesale as an ingredient, which naturally sweetens your baked goods, will allow you to label your product as natural, with no added refined sugar. This can improve your profile as a retailer or manufacturer.

Source High Quality Date Paste And Date Puree From Global Foods UK

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