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We know dates. In fact, this is all we do so we like to think we know them very well.

Across North Africa, Asia and the Middle East, we source the finest dates from around the world and supply a pan-european market with conventional and organic date products. You will find our dates in many of the world's leading brands. From adding great taste or texture to having clean label healthy products, dates are becoming the go-to natural fruit of choice for the food industry.

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Companies & Brands

We have been helping both large and small brands develop exciting new products using a variety of date formats for many years. Why not make use of this experience and talk to us about your new product development plans.

Why are we different

Global Foods maintains a chilled supply chain for all products (except syrups that must be ambient) from manufacture to our warehouse. From the minute our products come off the production line and are packed and ready to ship, they are refrigerated and remain this way all the way to the UK where it is stored in our BRC A grade refrigeration unit.

This ensures our products have the highest level of freshness on delivery, resulting in your on-shelf retail products tasting great for longer.

Customer service and food quality compliance is at the heart of everything we do. For a full breakdown of food accreditations by product (BRC, ISO2200 etc), click here

Our Products

Date Paste

We stock two grades of date paste that cover a wide variety of food products. Both are manufactured in a BRC A grade facility.

Chopped Dates

Our chopped dates make great inclusions in your finished goods.

Pitted or Whole Dates

We can supply both pitted and un-pitted dates as conventional and organic, as well as options on coating to extend shelf-life with glucose.

Golden Date Syrup

Our golden date syrup is a fantastic way to add natural sweetness to your products. It can replace refined sugars like invert sugar.

Dark Date Syrup

Our dark date syrup is very lightly processed to retain as much of the beneficial macro and micro nutrients found in dates.


Date Paste – A Healthier Alternative to Sugar!

Date Paste – A Healthier Alternative to Sugar!

Date paste makes a healthier alternative to sugar - here's why...

Dates – More Health Benefits and Nutrients Than You Think!

Dates – More Health Benefits and Nutrients Than You Think!

Dates are naturally sweet, contain many different vitamins and minerals and are a rich source of fibre. They also have lots of health benefits, so read on to find out how eating dates might benefit you.

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