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Organic Date Syrup Bulk Purchase Gives Your Product Clean Label Credentials

organic date syrup bulk

Organic date syrup bulk purchasing can assist when you’ve made the decision to promote the items you sell as ‘clean label’ products. Natural ingredients such as date paste and date syrups will add sweetness and even colour to your manufactured food and beverage product lines in a more natural and healthier way than alternatives such as refined sugars. But what does clean label mean as a concept and who does it appeal to? There’s no formal definition of the term, but generally, it’s a credential that’s increasingly sought after by consumers who are looking to understand what they are consuming, and by doing so, make healthier choices.

How Dates And Date Products Can Help Companies Connect With Their Consumers

Clean label as a concept is supported by regulatory agencies, the food industry as a whole, academics, and more particularly, consumers. As a principle, for food and drinks companies, it means simplifying their ingredients lists as much as possible and ensuring that the ingredients included are ones that are wholesome, recognisable, and trusted. It also covers the inclusion of no synthetic chemicals or artificial ingredients. So how does organic date syrup bulk purchasing help? In simple terms, date syrup is a natural sweetener that can be used to replace refined sugars in manufacturing of food and beverages. Doing this enables a manufacturer to justifiably claim that there’s ‘no added sugar’ in their product.

Speak To Global Foods UK About Organic Date Syrup Purchase For Your Product Lines

As an added advantage, 20% less is needed during the manufacturing process to achieve the same level of sweetness, so it’s more economic than refined sugar. What’s more, ‘organic’ is another selling point that assists when claiming clean label credentials. Moreover, date syrup is high in B vitamins, minerals and fibre too. All this appeals to a market that is increasingly searching for healthier alternatives when buying food and drinks. Speak to Global Foods UK about organic date syrup bulk purchases for your food manufacturing business today by calling us on +44 (0)20 3086 8746 or making contact with one of our account managers through email at info@globalfoodsuk.com or the contact form on our website at https://globalfoods.uk.com.

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