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Why Is It Advisable To Buy Bulk Date Paste?

what to consider in buying bulk date paste

Buying bulk date paste offers a wide range of benefits. If you are buying it in bulk for yourself and your family, it can last for up to six months, meaning you’ll have a tasty and nutritious staple for your household diet any time you need it. And if you’re a business owner who’s buying date paste in bulk for commercial purposes, you can take advantage of bulk buy prices to spend less and increase your profit margin.

Because date paste has so many benefits and uses, it is certainly worth considering buying it in bulk, whether that’s for household or business use. Global Foods UK provides high-quality and well-preserved date products that can be bought wholesale in large quantities, ranging from date paste to golden date syrup.

What is Date Paste?

Date paste isn’t something you’ll often find in your local grocery store. It’s made of pitted dates that have been processed into a paste with a smooth consistency. For maximum quality, our date paste is shipped minced and ready for adding to recipes. That means you’ll have a freshly made paste whenever you need it, without having to buy, pit, and process whole dates yourself.

We’re a date paste supplier who uses only the best dates from the very best sources. Currently, we use two types of dates for our date paste:

  • Deglet Nour dates from North Africa are known to be the highest quality of this kind of date. When made into a paste, the fruit retains a degree of its fibrous structure. This makes it ideal for use as a filling or binder agent.
  • Zahidi dates from the Middle East make a very fine paste, and are therefore highly suitable for use in sauces, fillings, and the like.
  • Our date paste is made of GMO-free dates and is 100% free of preservatives. In fact, date paste naturally has a lengthy shelf life, lasting as long as six months if kept in an airtight container in refrigerated conditions. The top-of-the-range date paste we sell at Global Foods UK, however, can last up to 16 months, even though it’s entirely preservative-free.

Benefits of Date Paste

Perhaps the best thing about date paste is its versatility. It can be used as a natural sweetener and is an excellent substitute for sugar. It can be used to make pastry fillings, sweet sauces, ice cream, drinks, and a variety of baked goods.

However, date paste isn’t just a natural sweetener. It also offers many other benefits that can help improve overall health.

  • Antioxidants

    Dates are rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent disease. Compared to similar fruit, such as figs and plums, dates have the highest level of antioxidants. Specifically, they are packed with antioxidants known as flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid, which may help prevent conditions like cancer and heart disease.

  • Fibre content

    In general, having enough fibre in your diet is beneficial to your health. Dates are rich in fibre and can help you easily increase your fibre intake without making too much of a change in your diet. If you have diabetes, fibre can help slow down digestion and therefore keep blood sugar levels from spiking.

  • Easy addition to your diet

    Because dates act as a natural sweetener, they can easily be incorporated into people’s diets. If your business is in the food production or restaurant industry, date paste can be a highly sought-after product.

Why You Should Buy In Bulk

Even with all of the benefits offered by date paste, the question remains: is it worth buying bulk date paste in the UK? Whether you run a business or you’re a private individual, bulk buying high-quality, preservative-free, and long-lasting date paste can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Saving money

    Typically, bulk purchases cost less than things that are sold per piece. One reason for this is that there are economies of scale – for instance, bulk purchases use less packaging. Depending on what you’re buying, bulk purchase also mean that you won’t be paying a premium for branding.

  • Saving time

    Buying in bulk, whether you’re buying for personal or business use, can help save time too. Why spend time placing multiple orders and waiting for deliveries when you can just place one big order that will last you for a significant amount of time?

  • Reducing waste

    From an environmental perspective, buying wholesale date paste equates to far less packaging than when smaller packages are bought at retail prices. And that’s good for the planet.

  • Reducing transportation miles

    Likewise, because bulk purchases use up less packaging, they also take up less space as cargo. Therefore, more products can be packed into each shipping container, reducing the overall cost of travel, to the supplier and the environment.

Buying Date Paste

Should you then buy date paste wholesale?

There are a few factors to consider. The most important thing is whether or not you have the proper space to store your bulk purchases. If you buy food products in bulk and you can’t store them in the right conditions or don’t have enough room, then they might end up going bad. At the very least, improper storage can affect the quality of the product.

If you’re buying in bulk to incorporate into recipes or otherwise sell on to other buyers, then you should be sure you have an actual customer base more or less guaranteed to buy the product you’re selling. If you can’t sell the product within a reasonable time frame, you might end up having to slash prices just to get rid of stock.

If, as a private individual, your household uses a lot of date paste in the span of a few months, then bulk purchases are certainly worth it. After all, date paste has a very long shelf-life, and provided you have the space to store large amounts, then buying in bulk is worth it.

However, buying date paste in bulk is even more worthwhile if you’re running a small business. Just ensure you have the proper storage space, and will be able to keep the product in airtight containers at the right temperatures.

With Global Foods UK, you can buy date paste in bulk without worrying about it spoiling. With the right marketing that focuses on the many health benefits date paste offers, you can expand sales of your product beyond your established customer base.

Place your order today and take advantage of the many benefits of date paste. To discuss your requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 3086 8746 or email us at info@globalfoodsuk.com.


Is date paste good for you?

The use of bulk date pastes in commercial recipes is a far healthier alternative to refined sugar as dates are loaded with fibre and nutrients. Also, they fall somewhere in the 46-55 range of the glycaemic index rating

Nonetheless, you can still have too much of a good thing, so make sure to monitor your date paste quantity consumption.

How long can you keep date paste?

Dates will last for about six months provided they’re stored in an airtight container and refrigerated.

If you need a high-quality date paste that lasts longer but without artificial preservatives, we are one of the date paste suppliers in the UK who have what you need. Our high-quality date paste can last up to a whole 16 months in storage.

Can you use date paste to sweeten coffee?

As a natural alternative to refined sugar, date paste can be used to sweeten any recipe – even your coffee! You can also ask your date paste supplier for many other recommended uses for this product. The possibilities are endless with this ingredient.

What do you use date paste for?

There are loads of date paste options you can try in all kinds of recipes. For example, you can put them in salads, soups, stews, chilli pots, and sauces for that healthy kick of sweetness.

If you’re interested in finding out more uses for this ingredient, why not ask your supplier?

Can you freeze date paste?

The best way to freeze date paste is to do so in bulk. Frozen date paste will last for well over a year.

Store small amounts of the product in Ziploc bags and lay them flat in the freezer. If you freeze the date paste in flat packages, it’s easy to break off a small or larger portion when needed.

Is date paste good for diabetics?

Many people are turning to date paste suppliers because date paste is considered a much healthier alternative to refined sugar. This is because it’s free of harmful preservatives and boasts a low glycaemic index rating.

Of course, you can’t eat unlimited amounts – the healthy recommended volume of date puree to eat is about one to two fruits at a time.

How many calories are in date paste?

Date paste not only has a lower sugar quantity per serving than refined sugar, it is also lower in calories. One tablespoon of date paste contains approximately 25 calories, 6g of sugar, and 0.5g of fibre. In comparison, a mere teaspoon of table sugar has 16 calories, 4g of sugar, and 0g of fibre.

Is date paste considered added sugar?

Date paste does not fall into the category of added sugar. It is simply a dehydrated version of dates, and it manages to maintain the fruit’s nutritional content, such as fibre. It is, therefore, classified as a naturally occurring sugar.

Do dates make you fat?

No, not unless you’re eating excessively. As a type of naturally occurring sugar that has healthy levels of fibre, dates can even help in weight loss when consumed in moderation. Eating four to five dates a day will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also curb your hunger pangs. Moreover, you can easily get them from traders or supermarkets.

How do you store date paste?

Use an airtight container, like a Ziploc bag or a glass mason jar, to store your date paste in the fridge. With proper storage, it should last at least six months, and often longer. If you want the best date products on the market, consider buying from a trusted date paste wholesaler like Global Foods UK.

Reasons Why Dates Are So Healthy

Dates are terrific sources of energy because they are loaded with healthy carbohydrates, unlike table sugar. Generally, sugar from fruits, while chemically considered the same as table sugar, is a healthier alternative because fruit also contains plenty of fibre and vitamins.

But additionally, dates contain several types of micronutrients, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. That means dates are considered an excellent source of energy; no wonder they’re a favourite with athletes and people with active lifestyles!

If you want to make the switch from refined sugar to a healthier alternative, why not look for a good mass of date paste in a bulk order to help save money?

The Increasing Popularity Of Dates And Date Products

As people become more health-conscious and pay increasing attention to nutritional labels and sugar content in their food, dates have become a very popular ingredient as a natural, delicious sweetener and binder. Many healthy snacks, sauces, and spreads today use a good amount of date mixture in their recipes.

Additionally, the popularity of dates is also enhanced by their impressive nutritional profile. They contain various kinds of essential vitamins and nutrients such as fibre, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, and amino acids.

Dates have also become the star ingredient in recipes for paleo and Whole30 diets, which are both very popular at the moment in many parts of the world.

Benefits Of Adding Dates To Your Diet

Dates are recommended as part of many popular diets nowadays. Their popularity is due to the many health benefits the fruit offers, which include the following:

  1. They have an excellent nutritional profile.

    Since dates are typically prepared dried, their caloric content is much higher than most fresh fruit. Most of the calories dates provide come from carbohydrates, and the rest are from a small amount of protein. On top of its high-calorie value, dates contain several important vitamins and minerals.

  2. They are loaded with fibre.

    Fibre plays an important role in everyone’s overall health. With approximately 7 grams of fibre in a 3.5-ounce serving, consuming dates is a great way to increase your fibre intake.

  3. They contain high amounts of disease-fighting antioxidants.

    Dates are also a rich source of the antioxidants that protect cells against disease-causing free radicals.

  4. They help promote brain health.

    Dates can potentially lower inflammatory markers in the brain, which are linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

  5. They help promote natural labour.

    Dates have been found to promote and ease late-term labour among pregnant women. Eating these fruits may also promote cervical dilation and lower the need for induced labour, or even reduce labour time.

  6. They make excellent natural sweeteners.

    Dates contain fructose, which is a natural type of sugar found in fruit. The best way to substitute dates for white sugar is to make date paste. You can use bulk date pastes in various types of food, such as desserts, salads, soups, stews, and sauces.

  7. They can easily be integrated into any diet.

    Because of their sweet and fruity flavour, dates can easily be paired with other foods such as soft cheese, almonds, or nut butter.

  8. It’s true to say that our dietary options today can determine the quality of our lives in the future. By switching from unhealthy refined sugar to healthier alternatives like date paste, more people will enjoy healthier and longer lives.

    At Global Foods UK, we aim to provide our customers with the highest-quality date products on the market around. Visit our store and buy organic date paste in bulk today!

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