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Date Syrup - Choosing The Right Supplier For Your Products

Date syrup

Date syrup and its suppliers are not all created equally. If you’re sourcing date paste or date syrup for one or more of your products’ ingredient list, it’s probably because it’s a healthier option compared to other alternatives like refined sugar. Maybe you want to highlight its benefits as a high fibre, low glycaemic index food, or advertise that it has no cholesterol and is a great source of antioxidants. Whatever reason you want to include date syrup, you need to be sure it’s of the highest quality for your consumers, otherwise your good standing in the food industry could be irreparably damaged. For this, you require reliable, reputable date syrup suppliers.

Why Dates Are Increasingly Popular As an Alternative To Sugar And How They Are Processed

Date syrup is one of the oldest recorded sweeteners for food and beverages there is. Manuscripts from ancient Mesopotamia mention it, and it’s thought to have been used throughout the Middle East for centuries. There is now increasing interest across the UK in the use of dates, date syrup and other date derivatives as a more natural sweetener for a whole range of foods and in recipes, and that’s not surprising. Whereas sugar must undergo strenuous and heavy processing from sugar cane or beets to convert it into a substance that’s fit to be consumed, dates are fruit, naturally sweet from the outset. Processing dates to make date syrup, for instance, involves simply adding water to the fruit, heating the mixture and straining out the inedible parts, such as the stones. The excess water is then evaporated from the mixture to leave the pure date nectar – no chemicals required. Other benefits to the end consumers from reputable date syrup suppliers are much increased too. While processed sugar has little nutritional benefit, dates contain a wealth of minerals and vitamins, as well as fibre, that can bring health benefits to the consumer. They are also rich in amino acids and antioxidants. So if you’re thinking of making the switch from using sugar in recipes to adding date syrup where to buy it is the next logical question. There are a number of factors to take into account, and here we look at a few of the key points you should check before you decide where to buy date syrup.

Hallmarks Of A Quality, Trustworthy Supplier of Organic Date Syrup And Other Date Products

Food safety is just about the most critical concern for any food business. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights and the potential harm to their own health if strict standards are not adhered to. So, when you are looking for suppliers of organic date syrup or other date products, your number one interest should be finding out more about their policies for the management of their products’ safety. Ask prospective suppliers where they source their produce from and how they ensure the fruits they use are safe and trusted. Check how – and how frequently - the product is tested for contaminants, how it’s stored on the suppliers’ premises, and so on. Also ask about the accreditations and certificates for food safety and quality the supplier holds, and if the product purports to be organic - check these credentials too. One good indicator that an organic date syrup bulk supplier has reliable credentials is if it already has an established presence on the market. You could check with any proposed sellers, for instance, what other companies it already supplies and how long it has been working in the field. You want to know whether the company has a strong reputation for delivery in terms of dates and date syrup orders to a number of other customers across your region or even worldwide. If they do, then you can be more certain that you will receive a dependable supply of a high-quality product if you place your own orders with them.

Rules Governing The Importation Of Date Syrup UK Wide

Because dates are typically grown and thrive best in hot countries, most of the date products you will find used in UK recipes come from various sources in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. There are currently few restrictions on food and drink products that are imported from within the European Union. But if raw and processed ingredients come from further afield, as in the case of date syrup UK wide, then import licences and health certificates come into play. Your supplier must have an application to the Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs approved before bringing date goods into the country. They will also have to have obtained a Certificate of Inspection for the foodstuff being imported; and if they claim organic status for their products, then they must also be registered with an EU body that’s approved to provide organic certification. A supplier that has taken all these steps, then, gives you assurance that everything is as it should be with your supplier of date syrup. Great manufacturers, though, go one step further. They can offer you more evidence of the quality of their products than just compliance with the strict letter of the law. They may be able to offer evidence that the factories from which they source dates goods have been personally inspected by their staff and have BRC or ISO 22000 certification. They will also have their own standards of quality which meet or even exceed those laid down by European Union legislation. You’ll find all these characteristics in Global Foods UK.

Source The Best Date Syrup On The Market From Global Foods UK

We understand that your reputation is everything, because we feel the same. That’s why our criteria when choosing our own date syrup suppliers are often far more rigorous than the standards required under European law. We only select date syrups accredited by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Moreover, our labs test regularly and routinely for quality, to check the products we supply to you are free from pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxin, and other contaminants. In short, you can rely on Global Foods UK for golden or dark date syrup that fulfils every legal requirement and more. See our website at https://globalfoods.uk.com for more details and use the online contact form there or call +44 (0)20 3086 8746 to get in touch with one of our experienced account managers.

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