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Other Products

Date Sugar – A more refined version of dates, this is a white crystalline sugar derived from 100% dates. It is more like icing sugar than crystalline sugar and dissolves instantly. With a clean label declaration and 50% natural fructose, it can be used to reduce traditional sugars in recipes by 20% and still have the same sweetness.

Fig Paste - A great all-rounder but especially for those Christmas specials. Fig paste comes in two formats, with and without seeds and can be supplied in conventional and organic formats.

Coconut Sugar – A great tasting natural sugar, dark brown in consistency and with a distinct sweet nutty flavour. Available in organic and conventional.

Egg White or Yolk (Powder and Liquid) – Our sister company, Eazy Egg, supplies a whole range of egg products in barn, free range and organic formats.  Contact Global Foods for any of your egg requirements.

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