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Use Dates In Your Sports Supplements - The Perfect Vegan 100% Natural Energy Ingredient


Savvy consumers are increasingly looking for all natural ingredients from their sports supplementation. Dates lend themselves perfectly to this application as they contain the ideal blend of carbohydrates, with little to no processing, making them the essential ingredient for high energy sports.

Dates have the perfect ratio of sugars, being almost equal parts fructose and glucose. Studies show that, by combining these two monosaccharides, it increased the bio availability of the carbohydrates to fuel the body and they are absorbed more rapidly.

Global Foods UK has been suppling UK and European food manufacturers with date ingredients for over fifteen years. We have in our range three cost effective, 100% natural ingredients that lend themselves to energy gel recipes as well as the more traditional bars. They are also a fantastic source of micro nutrients, essential for endurance athletes.


All three ingredients have total carbs at circa 75g per 100g. They are great individually and also combined to create different consistencies in your energy gels and bars.

If you would like some more information or to arrange some samples, one of our team will be happy to help you choose the right ingredient for your gels or bars. 

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