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Exactly why you should be sweetening your products with Date Syrup


Date syrup is a delicious, natural and healthy alternative to sugar that adds sweetness, flavour and nutrients in the form of fibre and vitamins. 

Scanning food labels and seeing the word ‘sugar’ now puts us off buying products. But we all know the value in sweetening products for instance imagine our breakfast cereals, cakes, protein bars and so much more unsweetened – wouldn’t it be dull? 

If products aren’t sweetened, they’ll soon be ditched in favour of something else.



The uses of date syrup are only limited by your imagination! Date syrup can be used to naturally sweeten anything from the most indulgent cakes to healthy breakfast smoothies for gym goers.  

Let’s explore out of the box - Dates even have savoury applications and are often used to add flavour and a delicate hint of sweetness to dark condiments, sauces (such as brown sauce) and curry pastes.



Here at Global Foods UK, we supply industry and brands just like yours, two kinds of date syrup.  

Our Golden Date Syrup adds a natural, delicate sweetness and is an ideal alternative to golden syrup or agave.  

It’s slightly runnier than our dark date syrup and has a sweet yet subtle toffee caramel flavour. We use a natural filtration process to increase the runniness of our golden date syrup, maintaining its 100% natural status.  

Ideal for baked goods, smoothies and energy bars, this date syrup is versatile and adds a natural golden colour to foods.  

If you’re looking for something darker to use instead of treacle or molasses, our Dark Date Syrup is for you. Ideal for binding other, dryer ingredients together or clustering in cereals or nut bars, it gives a satisfyingly dark natural colour to foods.  

Commonly used in ‘clean’ food items whilst still fulfilling any ‘no added sugar’ claims. It’s minimally processed to thicken the syrup and is still 100% natural.


With a more intense sweetness and deeper caramel flavour than our golden date syrup, use this darker syrup where a deep browny red colour is important in your food product.


Top tips for date syrup:

·         replace honey with date syrup to make it vegan friendly.

·         It easily replaces refined sugars by up to 20%.





When sourcing our dates and date syrups, we go over and above what’s expected of us under European food laws. We regularly travel abroad to visit our suppliers, to ensure our high standards are adhered to.


We carry out regular lab testing for consistent quality and nutritional status and to make sure our products are free from pesticides and other contaminants.


Using our date syrups will therefore equally set your products apart to consumers looking for healthier snacks and treats.




Your customers are becoming increasingly health savvy and are looking for alternative ways to get their sweet fix.


Using our date syrups in your food and drink products couldn’t be easier. Get in  Contact us now to discuss your requirements and how we can help you add a healthier sweetness to your products.


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