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Date Powder: The Versatile Ingredient You’ve Probably Never Considered!


When you think of dates, what do you think about? Sticky, deliciously chewy pitted dates eaten whole or smeared with nut butter? Maybe runny, treacle like date syrup or chopped dates, ideal for mixing into recipes? 

What you might not think of, is date powder. But you heard it here first, date powder is going to transform your food business!



Date powder is actually more of a course, granular date product than a finely milled powder. If you imagine brown or demerara sugar, then you’ve got the picture. Date powder looks so much like brown sugar, that it’s sometimes referred to as date sugar.


But that’s where the comparison with sugar ends. Date powder is a far more prestigious and nutritious ingredient than refined sugar.


In fact, it’s a perfect substitute for both brown and white sugar in your food products and as a standalone product for home cooking and baking. The sugars naturally present in dates cause less of an immediate sugar rush in the blood and are therefore considered a much healthier alternative to sugar and a more natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.


Nothing but pure, ripe dates goes into our date powder. They’re simply pitted, then dried and then ground into small, course granules ready for use by brands just like yours. There are no nasty fillers, preservatives or flow agents, just sweet, pitted dates. Our date powder won’t dissolve or melt, and it gives a delicious sweet crunch to cereals, cereal bars and all manner of products.


100% natural and unrefined, date powder is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and all known allergens. It has a delicious flavour reminiscent of creamy butterscotch.


Date powder is also rich in potassium, magnesium and copper and is a source of a wide variety of other essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorous and the B vitamins. They’re also a great source of fibre which is great for digestion, and antioxidants which support a healthy immune system.


None of which can be said for sugar, either white or brown!


Two thirds of a cup of date powder has the equivalent sweetening effect as one cup of refined sugar, so you’ll ultimately need to use less product in your recipes too.




Date powder is ideal when used as a natural sweetener in cereal, muesli and porridge oats. It pairs particularly well with coconut and almonds, that are often used in cereals and cereal products as well as protein bars, protein powders, muffins and energy balls. As date powder is 100% vegan friendly and gluten free, it fits in well with the trend for plant based, healthy foods that sustain and stave off hunger in gym goers and the health conscious.


Desserts, ice creams and baked goods can also benefit from the date powder treatment. Just because you’re making ‘treat’ foods, it doesn’t mean that they have to be packed with cheap, refined sugars. Using date powder will make your brand of sweet treats stand out from the crowd as a healthier alternative without compromising on sweetness or flavour.


But the use of date powder isn’t just limited to sweet foods. Manufacturers of savoury foods can also benefit from using date powder. Many Moroccan and other North African dishes contain dates of some kind. Tagines, both made with lamb or plant based ingredients such as chickpeas, have a sweet element. So why not make it date powder?


And don’t forget, everyone’s favourite condiment, brown sauce, contains dates!


It also blends just as well into savoury dishes that you wouldn’t expect to find dates in. Date powder can be used in stocks and meat gravies for a subtle sweet twist, and as a rub or marinade for pork and chicken.


The public are becoming increasingly aware of their health, and the dangers of consuming too much of the bad stuff – saturated fat, salt and sugar. You know as well as we do, that there are plenty of savoury dishes that benefit from a sprinkling of something sweet.


So why not advertise the fact that you understand their concerns and that you’re on their side? By choosing date powder over plain old white sugar, you’re supporting their healthy life choices. And they’ll love you for it.


The industry is also seeing more date powder and other date products used in baby foods too. Again, using date powder in your baby products speaks to the health conscious parent, keen to do everything right for their young ones.




At Global Foods UK, we insist on nothing but the best. We source all our date products, including our date powder, from the Middle East where dates grow best in the natural warmth and sunshine. We don’t believe in purchasing dates that have been artificially grown or ripened.


All of our suppliers meet the highest of UK food standards and conform to the stipulations set out by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a leading trade association. They source their dates responsibly and sustainably and their facilities are Halal and Kosher food certified.


What’s more, our dates come from suppliers with the world’s first solar powered dates factory. With more than 3,000 solar panels on the roof of their factory, this is definitely a leap towards sustainability and environmental responsibility!


So you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re adding a quality, responsible ingredient to your products, that will be suitable for all to enjoy.


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Can your brand afford to be without our dates and date products?!

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