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Date Syrup Manufacturers Offer A Quality Alternative To Refined Sugar - But How? [ES]

date syrup manufacturers

Date syrup manufacturers are keen to tell you that both dark and golden date syrup are great replacements for refined sugars in food production. But why should this be the case? Here, we look at how a natural date syrup, or date paste, is superior to refined sugars such as the high fructose corn syrup that’s typically added to food and beverages, or even the brown and white sugars that we add to tea and coffee. Firstly, refined sugars are used to make food and drinks taste sweeter but they do this without adding much in the way of nutritional value and are high in calories.

Date Syrup Is A Healthier Alternative Form Of Sweetener For Foods And Drinks

Date syrup, on the other hand, contains 16 different minerals and vitamins, high levels of antioxidant polyphenols (which neutralise radicals and reduce inflammation in the body), and have a high fibre content. This fibre content leads to the second advantage of date syrup over refined sugars in foods and drink. The body metabolises refined sugars quickly, resulting in a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. Because it’s digested so rapidly, the consumer’s hunger is only satisfied for a short period of time. However, the fibre found in natural alternatives from date syrup manufacturers expands in the digestive system, slowing the metabolism during processing.

Purchase High Quality Date Syrup UK Wide From Specialists Global Foods UK

Nowadays, we eat more refined sugars than ever, and this has resulted in increased levels of diabetes and obesity. Many consumers are, therefore, actively looking for healthier alternatives. Date syrup manufacturers can offer just this. At Global Foods UK, we supply dark and golden date syrup which can replace refined sugars in food applications. Food tastes sweet, but in a more natural and healthier way. To discuss adding 100% natural date syrup to your company’s recipes and demonstrating to your customers that you care about their health concerns, contact us through the online form on our website at https://globalfoods.uk.com or call us today.

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