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Chopped Dates Are Versatile, Cost Effective And Natural [IT]

chopped dates

Chopped dates are a natural way to add sweetness to recipes without loading the final product down with less healthy refined sugars. They are a versatile product that can be included in a wide range of sweet foods, from bread, cakes and biscuits to smoothies. They have great nutritional value and, if sourced and prepared in the right way, can contribute towards your brand’s positioning in the market as wholesome, natural, and nutritionally beneficial. This article explains in greater detail how date products such as chopped dates and date puree can offer these benefits to you as a food or beverage product manufacturer and to your end consumers.

Selecting The Right Dates Supplier For Your Products

Dates are sourced from date palm trees, which thrive in climates that are dry or semi-dry, with long, hot summers, and little or no rainfall. Leading countries where date palms are grown include Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia, with Iraq, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates also being major producers. If you wish to use chopped dates in your company’s recipes, it’s essential when choosing a supplier that you select one that can attest to the provenance of its products and can give guarantees of quality and safety. The entire supply chain, from growers to delivery at your premises, should be monitored and transparent so you can have confidence that the claims you make for your product, such as organic or GMO free, can be proven. If you buy chopped dates from a company that specialises solely in dates, there’s a greater chance it has the knowledge and expertise to guarantee the credentials of its products.

Ensuring The Quality When You Buy Chopped Dates Wholesale

So given that, what other factors should you look for when purchasing chopped dates wholesale? Compliance with European and British food safety standards such as BRC and ISO standards is a must. But to ensure that chopped dates bulk supplies are fresh and fit for use when they reach you, you should also look at your supplier’s procedures for transporting its products from North African, Asian, and Middle Eastern companies. One significant indicator of a company that cares about its produce is refrigeration at every stage of the supply chain. Chopped dates and most other date products (with the exception of syrups) should be stored in a chilled environment from the moment they are manufactured and throughout their journey to the UK. This guarantees that they will not only be fresh on arrival at your premises, but will also taste better when included in your recipes, not to mention having a longer shelf-life for the benefit of you and your consumers.

Excellence And Expertise In Chopped Dates At Every Stage From Global Foods UK

At Global Foods UK, dates are our sole focus. We bring all our expertise to the process of selecting the right dates for manufacture and supply and to ensuring they are fully compliant with the most stringent of food safety regulations. In fact, we exceed the standards in many areas. All our chopped dates supplies are refrigerated from start to end and rigorous testing procedures are in place to ensure the provenance, quality, and relevant accreditations. So if you select us as your date supplier, you can have every confidence in the ingredients we sell. For more details, view our website at https://globalfoods.uk.com and if you have questions or wish to place an order, call us on +44 (0)20 3086 8746 or use our online contact form on the site.

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