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Date Paste - Its Benefits Over The Alternatives And Where To Find The Best Supplier [IT]

date paste

Date paste, when sourced from the right supplier, is a 100% natural product with no added preservatives that can be used both as a binding agent in recipes, as a filling, and also as an alternative to refined sugar. Options other than dates are available for sweetening foodstuffs and beverages, but none of these can claim the sorts of positive credentials and benefits that chopped dates, date paste, and date syrup have to offer. This article looks at just some of the advantages dates have over this fruit’s competition and also makes some suggestions on finding the right supplier for your business.

All About Dates - A Quick Rundown Of Their Qualities

Dates come from the date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) and are a sweet fruit that is extremely versatile. They can be processed for use in an extensive range of recipes or eaten as they come; either way, they are a good source of fibre, sugar, and energy, and are packed with vitamins and essential minerals. The high levels of fibre, for instance, ensure that they are better than other sweet alternatives for keeping blood sugar under control - a positive boon when you consider the increasing levels of diabetes occurring worldwide. This is because fibre has the effect of slowing digestion, which stops blood sugar levels from spiking to dangerously high levels after eating. Adequate levels of fibre in the diet also help prevent constipation. Dates, date paste, and other date products are also high in antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acid, which can help reduce inflammation in the body. They also contain carotenoids, which have been proven to keep the heart healthy and could also contribute towards eye health. Date paste UK wide is increasingly coming to be recognised as a beneficial substitute for white sugar in recipes. Although it is quite high in calories, and, therefore, should still be consumed in moderation, the nutritional profile it provides means it by far outweighs white sugar in terms of the potential health benefits it offers. Manufacturers seeking to offer healthy alternatives to the added sugars that have traditionally been included in their recipes are now turning to date paste suppliers rather than other options. But why?

Why Buy Date Paste Over Other Alternatives To Added Sugar?

What claims do you want to be able to make for your product? For example, it may be tempting to switch to honey as a natural sweetener – what could be more natural than that? However, care is needed. Honey is, of course, produced by bees and is, therefore, an animal product, something that would not allow you to claim that your manufactured foods were suitable for vegans. That might narrow your market. Date paste, on the other hand, is entirely in tune with vegan values. Similarly, there are artificial sweeteners on the market that can create the same effect as added sugars. But by using an artificial sweetener, you are introducing another processed product into the ingredient list, which might be viewed negatively. But when you buy date paste, you are purchasing a wholly natural product with nothing added during the preparation process. There is also the choice of finding a date product supplier that can fulfil organic date paste bulk orders, so you could be able to add ‘organic’ to your list of benefits too. What’s more, date paste brings a range of other health benefits, which will add positively to the ways in which your target consumer audiences view your product. For instance, we are being urged by public health authorities to increase the amount of fibre in our diets alongside reducing our sugar intake. Dates are naturally high in fibre, something that’s not lost during processing to create date paste, so making the switch to dates as an ingredient will also resonate with customers in search of a healthier lifestyle.

How To Decide Where To Buy Date Paste

Now you understand the many benefits this natural sweetener and binding agent can bring to your manufacturing process, it’s time to decide where to buy date paste. Here, we give you a few ideas of what to look for in a supplier. Firstly, you should look for a company that’s well established in the field. You need to be sure, having invested in the necessary research and made the switch to date paste from an added sugar, that you’ll have a reliable, stable, and consistent supply of your added sugar alternative. Next, look for a supplier that can claim extensive experience and expertise of working with other manufacturers and companies that have changed from using added sugars to substituting date paste as an alternative. That experience will mean that your supplier will be knowledgeable about their own product and how it performs when incorporated into a recipe instead of the options you may have used in the past. This can cut down any period of change, and reduce expenses, while you reformulate and test your recipes, as you will have the right technical support at hand. Finally, look for a date supply company that is active and still growing its knowledge, its customer base, and its market share. This type of supplier will not only be able to help you develop your existing product range but will also assist you in the future so that you can identify and capitalise on new opportunities, like creating new products or entering new markets. Global Foods UK offers all this and more.

All The Expertise You Need In Date Paste From Global Foods UK

At Global Foods UK, we produce two grades of date paste, Deglet Nour and Zahidi. Both are 100% natural, packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, and have long shelf lives. While both can contribute towards your ‘no added sugar’ labelling, Deglet Nour can also claim organic credentials if required. Dates are our business, and our knowledge and experience in the field are second-to-none. So if you are looking for the perfect natural binding agent or filler to appeal to your target markets, look no further than our company as your supplier. Our technical support can help you make the shift and capitalise on the growing market for healthier foods. See our website, https://globalfoods.uk.com, for more details or to get in touch with our online contact form, or call +44 (0)20 3086 8746 and speak to one of our experts today.

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